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Thanks for stopping by! I'm based on the east side of Brisbane in Manly but have traveled around Australia, and even internationally, photographing weddings.  I thrive on all things photographic and can be found with my finger in many pies - such as the owner of Brisbane Camera Hire and Brilliant White Studio . I've been known to bring along one of my vintage film cameras and run a few rolls of film on a wedding day and I've love to do that for you too!   I've been full time in the photography industry for around 13 years now and would love to chat with you about your photography needs!

Weddings are monumental events - usually a year or even more of energy, blood, sweat and tears have led you right up to this one day where it all comes together.  On that day, you'll want someone by your side who has done this hundreds of times before.  I'll guide you through it all and capture every little moment for you to enjoy as the happily married years pass into the future.  

I don't only shoot weddings, in fact, I only take a handful a year, so feel free to get in touch for whatever you may be looking for!

Feel free to get in touch via the form below xx

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